Our commitment to the internationalization of enterprises has become the essential factor for improvement, competitiveness and profitability of many of them. From the point of view of its growth, both as the diversification of risks, the ability to operate in international markets is today an active differential of more dynamic and competitive business.

Lexit Investment Trust, S.L., was born with the desire to help both SMEs and large companies in their internationalization process and with the conviction that these have important potential are yet to exploit outside the market. We offer our services to companies that already have a consolidated international exhibition and want to extend it to new markets or areas of action, as well as to those others who have little or no international experience, but who have a commitment to expand abroad. In addition, Lexit Investment Trust, S.L., offers its services to companies or foreign institutions wishing to operate outside or, being already present in others  countries, requiring advice to consolidate or expand their activities

Lexit Investment Trust, S.L. offers its customers business analysis capacity, from publicly available information, both that which obtained directly through its network of collaborators. We accompany our clients in the whole process of its internationalization: from the analysis of the potential of demand for their products to the specific identification of opportunities for business, the selection of potential local partners or the process of negotiation of specific operations. According to the needs of customers, our collaboration extends even more than the signature of the contracts concerned, in order to ensure the proper conduct of operations in which we participate.

We also advise our clients in the search for financial institutions for their international projects, either in private or public, national, or international sources.


"Comprehensive Solutions Tailored to the Needs of each Company".

Consultancy in International Presence

  • Our team of experts works closely with our partners on arrival to facilitate optimal international production and commercial implementation of your company.
  • We locate potential open to a merger, joint venture partners.
  • We determine the ideal location for the implementation of your company. Procedures for setting up companies and licenses.
  • Legal and financial advice.

Foreing Traders Advisers

  • We offer counseling, advice and support in negotiation and international business strategy.
  • Procedures and resources for export International logistics.
  • Payment Method.
  •  Making agency and distribution contracts , etc.

International Sales Agents.

Search and selection of dealers, distributors, agents and partners in international markets for the internationalization of SMEs.

Export Department Outsourcing.

If you do not have qualified human resources or limited experiencience but understands that internationalization is the basis for diversification and increased sales , we offer our team of experts in foreign trade and exports to help start the process of internationalization your company . We become your  export reponsable.

Information International Markets

  • Selection of target markets for export
  • Listings distributors, agents , commercial , importers, and customers.
  • Market studies
  • Studies on competition direct and reverse trade missions International fairs

Corporate Finance

  • Legal structure of a corporation.
  • Capital structure.
  • Financial modeling and investment equity cost of capital and financial leverage (WACC).
  • Fusions and acquisitions.
  • Investment banking.
  • Techniques issuance of shares and debt : dividend
  • Policy financial difficulties .
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility 


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